Apartment fire breaks out in Trump Tower leaves 1 dead

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New York City firefighters on Saturday battled a fire on the 50th floor of the 58-story Trump Tower skyscraper.

One resident told the New York Times she received no notification that the building was on fire or any calls to evacuate. His lawyer said in court papers that the apartment's value and Todd's "substantial art collection and other valuable collectibles" were worth many times more that the value of the debt. It's because Trump Tower was built before new laws went into place about 20 years ago - new laws that grandfathered pre-existing residential high rises from requiring sprinklers.

The Trump Tower building is viewed on 5th Avenue, July 22, 2015, in New York City. Some surrounding streets from Trump Tower were closed during the incident. "This is a very hard fire, as you can imagine".

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New York Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said the apartment was "virtually entirely on fire" when firefighters arrived.

The New York Times reported that Trump was among the city's developers who lobbied against a 1999 sprinkler ordinance proposed in response to two major fires in New York high-rises that together killed seven people, including three firefighters. "But the problem with the bill is that it doesn't address the buildings that need sprinklers the most".

It's not yet known the specific cause of 67-year-old's death. A roof top fire affecting a heating and cooling unit in broke out at the building in January.

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In 1999, Trump lobbied NY councillors against a proposed measure obligating high rise landlords to install sprinkler systems, following a blaze at a property not owned by the then real estate magnate which killed four people. Fire marshals are investigating the cause of the blaze, and a contractor is on site to analyze the damage. "Members pushed in heroically, they were knocking down the fire and found one occupant of the apartment", he said in comments posted by the FDNY on Twitter.

He failed to mention, however, that the residential floors of the building-which also contains Trump's home and the offices of the Trump Organization-lack sprinklers.

'That's not something we're going to jump to conclusions on, ' he said, adding that it was still very much under investigation.

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