"Fortnite" Update Adds Replay Function, New Heroes, & More

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We can't wait to see what you create. You don't have to watch the match from the perspective you played it from, which is pretty dang cool if you manage to pull off some sort of clutch manoeuvre. The update also adds the Port-a-Fort item (shown in the trailer below), which enables you to deploy an impromptu tower on the battlefield in seconds.

Port-a-Fort has been added, dropping in stacks of 1 and stacking up to 5 times in inventories.

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Speed up or slow down the action. The latest patch also opens the door to a new 50v50 Limited Time Mode, four new "Cyberpunk Heroes" and a bunch of neon-infused weapons in Save the World, login queue improvements, and changes to V-Bucks that will make them shared between PC, Xbox One, and mobile platforms.

Multiple camera modes to choose from, including drone follow, drone attach, and third-person. In our favourite change this patch, a "Builder Pro" button layout has been added for controllers, which assigns each building piece to a specific button, allowing for quick placement of walls and stairs rather than having to cycle through the floor pieces first.

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You need to be logged in to post a comment. No, that doesn't mean two teams of 50 players are up against a very unlucky duo, but version 2 will offer new tweaks to the old formula, such as two different Battle Buses, more loot, and a more aggressive storm. Theory, who has been with the team since its formation will apparently be replaced.

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