Instagram Introduces 'Focus' Feature In Its Newest Updated Version

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This new data exporting feature can bring up a real opportunity for more image sharing platforms to thrive and compete with Instagram.

The recent privacy scandal involving Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data has focused attention on personal data on social networks. It is also reported that the new tool will comply with all the regulations of European Union's Data Protection Regulation (EUDPR) authority. The tool will allow users to download data including their photos, videos and messages, he added. Meanwhile, it is quite possible that the Nametags feature will help Instagram rake in more advertising revenue.

In addition to transparency, users will no longer have to resort to third-party apps to download their content on Instagram. You can not save the images you have uploaded or posted, nor is there any option to download images that you have liked.

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There's also no word on whether it will let you download the images you've shared in their original quality, or whether the files will be compressed to a lower-resolution. In the year, Snapchat rolled out its interesting Stories features which became immensely popular and managed to steal the teen American users of Instagram.

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When you open the camera in Instagram app, you'll see "Focus" next to "Superzoom" under the record button.

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Assuming the downloaded data is robust enough, this is a win for users who can use the feature as a backup tool and a way to simplify leaving the service for another.

Instagram has launched a Focus mode feature that allows users to blur the background when tapping a photo within the app. Surely, this change is going to gain a lot of attention from Instagram users worldwide in coming days.

Sadly, it's just a report and it is still in its testing environment so it is still unclear when this new tool will be added to the platform.

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