Israeli army kills Palestinian, wounds 223

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Israel says it is doing what it must to defend its border, and to stop any of the protesters getting across the fence.

The protests, planned to last six weeks, are calling for Palestinian refugees to return to their former homes that are now inside Israel - which Israelis say essentially amounts to calling for the country´s destruction.

Conricus said on Friday (Saturday NZT) that the military is trying to minimise Palestinian casualties, but hadn't changed open-fire regulations.

"The Israeli authorities must put an immediate end to the excessive and lethal force being used to suppress Palestinian demonstrations in Gaza", Amnesty International said on Friday.

The Stream will examine how the Great Return March fits into a lineage of Palestinian protest and what the prospects are for a broad-based, non-affiliated movement over the long term.

The ministry says 406 demonstrators suffered other types of injuries Friday, including being hit by rubber-coated steel pellets and being overcome by tear gas.

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The ministry said 419 of them were moved to hospitals and medical centers, and 550 received treatment in field clinics and makeshift hospitals near border areas.

Demonstrators have gathered at tent camps along the border every day since the protests began on March 30 marking the Land Day, but the higher numbers have protested on Fridays.

Radio Sputnik's Loud & Clear spoke with Richard Becker, author of the book "Palestine, Israel and the US Empire", to discuss Israel's violent crackdown on the demonstration.

In five different locations, Israeli flags were burned and Palestinian flags hoisted in their places.

Smaller numbers approached the fence, throwing stones and rolling burning tires toward soldiers taking up positions on the other side.

In all, 27 protesters were killed and hundreds wounded by army fire since late March.

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On Friday, groups of youths waved Palestinian flags and burnt hundreds of tyres and Israeli flags near the fenced-off border after Friday prayers. Ten paramedics were treated for tear gas inhalation.

One path toward lifting the blockade would be to have Hamas' political rival, West Bank-based Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, take over the Gaza government, but recent Egypt-led talks on such a deal appear to have run aground.

Palestinians during a protest demanding the right to return to their homeland, third consecutive week at the Israel border east of Jabalia in Gaza City.

Smaller groups moved closer to the fence, throwing stones, torching tires and burning large Israeli flags, USA flags, as well as posters of Israel's prime minister and defense minister.

They will culminate on 15 May, the 70th annual commemoration of what Palestinians call the Nakba, or Catastrophe, of the displacement of hundreds of thousands of their people in the war which followed Israel's creation in 1948.

No Israelis have been killed during the protests. Israel claimed he was a paid member of Hamas, but produced no evidence.

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