Killed Palestinian Journalist Had Passed US Screening For Grant Funds

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Israel's defense minister said Tuesday that a Palestinian journalist who was shot dead by Israeli troops on the Israeli-Gaza border was a Hamas operative, although the media production company he founded had recently been vetted for a USA government grant. "Wow, what a video!" the filming soldier screams, before calling the man a "son of a bitch".

ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda noted that 27 Palestinians have reportedly been killed by the IDF in the last fortnight and more than 1,000 have been injured - "many, as a result of shootings using live ammunition and rubber bullets".

In a separate incident, a recently surfaced video, showed soldiers cheering and cursing Palestinians as a Palestinian was shot at the Gaza border.

Not only does the headline seriously muddy what happened, it also primes readers to blame Palestinians for being massacred, by saying their protests "elicited" the massacre.

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It led to further scrutiny of Israel's open-fire rules along the Gaza border.

Yaser Murtaja, the co-founder of Ain Media, was shot as he filmed protests at the border fence on Friday.

"In response the IDF struck several Hamas terror targets". "I was yelling to friends near the fence to leave and go back to our homes", he told AFP at his home in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip. "To take a situation from the battlefield, when soldiers are under stress and explosive devices are being thrown at them and attempts are being made to infiltrate, and to take their human response and judge them from the armchairs in Tel Aviv?"

Israel's military on Tuesday confirmed the authenticity of the video, but alleged the shooting followed riots and warnings from troops.

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"Wow. They hit someone in the head", says an off-camera voice.

Israel says that the IDF is acting correctly to prevent a possible breach of its border by marchers from Gaza, and against protesters who are attacking soldiers. There have been no Israeli casualties.

Islamists Hamas have controlled Gaza since 2007 and have fought three wars with Israel since.

"The IDF views the Hamas terrorist organization as responsible for all incidents that take place in the Strip or coming from it and will not allow a terrorist group to turn the border area to into a combat zone", the army said in a statement.

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"After none of these were successful, a single bullet was sacked towards one of the Palestinians who is suspected of organizing and leading this incident, while he was a few meters from the fence".