Parents to work with hospital for treatment plan for Alfie Evans

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This comes after the British Appeals Court rejected the family of Alfie Evan's "last-ditch appeal" Wednesday to appeal a High Court ruling Tuesday, ignoring the plea of Evan's family to transport him to Bambino Gesu hospital in Rome for future treatment.

Judges have heard that Alfie, born on May 9 2016, is in a "semi-vegetative state" and has a degenerative neurological condition that doctors had not definitively diagnosed. The justices upheld the denial despite the hospital's offer to take him, pleas on Evans' behalf from Pope Francis, a grant of citizenship from Italy's foreign ministry, and the Italian military air ambulance that stood by ready to transport the child from the United Kingdom.

Alfie's father says the boy has continued to survive with no assistance after life support was withdrawn, and that doctors had subsequently resumed providing oxygen and hydration.

Meanwhile, his parents and their supporters are asking the courts to allow Mr. and Mrs. Evans to take him home.

Yesterday Alfie's father, Tom Evans, called off "Alfie's Army" and praised NHS staff that had been caring for his son.

The baby's parents have been in a lengthy legal fight with doctors at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool over his care with attention from across the globe.

He suggested Alfie could live for "possibly years" without life support if allowed to go home.

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However, they trio ruled Evans could be taken home.

He explained: "Our lives have been turned upside down by the intense focus on Alfie and his situation".

It wasn't immediately clear whether Alfie's parents would seek another appeal.

A report from The Telegraph indicates the hospital staff is not interested in what's best for Alfie, so much as proving a point to the parents, who have an "attitude" they don't like.

Tom Evans" barrister is understood to have told the court: "He is a desperate man clutching at straws'. In December 2017, the doctors of the hospital believed there was no hope for improvement in Evans' health and filed a case with the high court to remove parental rights and withdraw ventilation.

McFarlane, the judge, said Tom Evans had attempted to bring a private prosecution for conspiracy to murder against three of Alfie's doctors.

The hospital increased its security, and police said they were monitoring social media posts about the case for malicious communications.

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"We affirm our conviction that all those who are and have been taking the agonising decisions regarding the care of Alfie Evans act with integrity and for Alfie's good as they see it", the statement read, in part.

"Alfie's best interests would be served by allowing him to travel to Italy".

Growing support for Alfie is also evident in Poland, following early interventions from the Vatican and Italy.

Polish President Andrzej Duda has also lent his support, saying in a Tweet: "Alfie Evans must be saved!" Alfie's father even met with Pope Francis, who gave his blessing. Alfie was granted Italian citizenship Monday after Pope Francis intervened on his behalf, so that he could be transferred to a hospital in Rome.

Alder Hey hospital chairman David Henshaw and chief executive Louise Shepherd said staff had been subjected to a "barrage of highly abusive and threatening language and behavior".

As late as Thursday morning, Evans told LBC radio: "They [Alder Hey hospital] hate us. they don't like us".

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