Trump says DACA deal for young immigrants is off

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"Border Patrol Agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the Border because of ridiculous liberal (Democrat) laws like Catch and Release".

Since the weekend, Trump has been tweeting about a caravan of Central Americans, majority from Honduras, who are making their way north through Mexico.

DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is a program created in 2012 under Democratic former President Barack Obama that Trump sought to rescind last autumn. The DACA program allows certain people who were brought to the United States illegally as children to remain in the country.

President Trump is hosting leaders of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia at the White House Tuesday, and the leaders are taking questions from reporters.

"Mexico and its people will not be the piñata of any foreign government", Lopez Obrador said in a speech in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, which borders El Paso, Texas.

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More than 55,000 initial and renewal applications were approved by the Trump administration in the past three months alone, with more than 51,000 cases still pending, according to the report, which was published online by The Washington Post. "Until we can have a wall and proper security, we're going to be guarding our border with the military", he said, calling the measure a "big step".

Trump was incorrect to assert in one of his tweets Sunday that Mexico is doing "very little, if not NOTHING" to help stem the tide of illegal immigration.

Trump also renewed his call for a quick withdrawal of US forces in Syria. But their Commander-in-Chief thinks it's fit to stretch them even more until his border wall is built or he imports the Great Wall of China after working out a trade/tariff deal. "The Democrats blew it".

It was Trump who caused the DACA crisis in September by scrapping President Obama's executive order without having an alternative plan in place.

About 1,100 migrants, many from Honduras, have been marching along roadsides and train tracks in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca.

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Kirstjen Nielsen, the homeland security secretary, briefed Trump on the migration situation last week after returning from a trip to Mexico to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto and other top Mexican officials Trump was concerned by what he heard.

By traveling together, the immigrants hope to protect themselves from the crime and extortion that makes the route through Mexico unsafe.

"This just reaffirms what we have known all along: Trump never wanted to protect immigrant youth - he only wanted to further his hateful anti-immigrant agenda", the young peoples' group tweeted as a response.

What is particularly startling about Trump's comments this weekend is that he suggests that people are coming to the U.S. without authorization to take advantage of the DACA program.

Those deliberations have gone nowhere despite Trump's stated willingness to provide a path to citizenship for almost 2 million immigrants who could be considered eligible. Under it, they can be freed while awaiting court hearings if detained in the United States. But if they say they fear targeted violence or persecution in their home countries, they can begin the long process of petitioning for asylum in immigration court.

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If you believe that a caravan of more than 1,000 people, now making its way through Mexico towards the US border, sprang up from nowhere overnight, then you would also believe that former President Barack Obama had the best interest of America at heart when his administration allowed an influx of unattended minors into into the USA back in 2014.