Twice as many Britons acquired another European Union citizenship in Brexit vote year

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The figures from Eurostat came as ant-Brexit campaigners claimed that more than 120 questions about the future rights of European Union citizens in the United Kingdom remain unanswered by the government. The group is using the research to call on MPs to respond to the people's growing desire for a "final say".

Almost 20 banks have committed to launching new European Union hubs in Frankfurt since the Brexit vote with a further 60 firms still in the decision process.

"This poll is a turning point moment".

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The CBI has suggested there are three principles that the Brexit negotiations should now focus on to secure the best deal for business and the United Kingdom economy: where rules are fundamental to the trade or transport of goods, the United Kingdom and European Union must negotiate ongoing convergence; as part of the new relationship, negotiators should set a new global precedent for liberalising trade in services and digital products and any alignment will need to come with mechanisms for influence and enforcement that benefit both sides.

Anti-Brexit campaign group Best for Britain said the government should be "ashamed that people feel they have no option but to give up their citizenship or apply to be a dual national".

"If this attempt to buy an insurance policy turns into a decision to vote with their feet and leave the United Kingdom it could result in a brain drain that may threaten Britain's economic prospects, as it is likely to be the young and skilled who decide to move".

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"Stepping into global Britain is stepping into a hard world", he added.

"As the United Kingdom prepares to develop its own independent trade policy after its departure from the European Union, the government must learn from global best practice and swiftly establish a detailed, meaningful and permanent dialogue with business and civil society that informs and supports future United Kingdom trade deals". "One hopes that [Theresa] May's confidence is not misplaced".

It also highlighted polling showing there is significant support for alignment with wider EU environmental, food, and workplace standards post-Brexit to secure a UK-EU trade deal.

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