United Nations launches $3B Yemen appeal

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"The United Nations has verified the killing of several children in an attack ... in the coastal city of Hodeidah in western Yemen", Unicef said in a statement on 2 April.

"We all know that there is a war".

"Independent of the fact that there is a war, there are humanitarian obligations that are assumed by countries", he said.

The Saudi-led war was launched in March 2015 in support of Yemen's former Riyadh-friendly government and against the country's Houthi Ansarullah movement, which has been running state affairs.

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After more than one million Yemenis were found with apparent cholera previous year, World Health Organization is shipping vaccines to avoid a repeat of the epidemic that killed 2,267 people, he said.

Houthi rebels have fired or claimed to have fired many missiles on Saudi Arabia since then, but they have caused little damage, and many of those missiles have been intercepted by the Saudi military.

"We must see action to end the conflict.There are no humanitarian solutions to humanitarian crises". "The solution has always been political".

Griffiths has already held talks with both sides in a war that has drawn in regional powers, meeting Houthi authorities who hold the capital Sanaa as well as internationally-recognised Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and Saudi officials in Riyadh.

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In November 2017, Saudi Arabia announced that it was shutting down Yemen's air, sea, and land borders.

"I believe there is an opportunity and that opportunity must be seized", Guterres said, explaining that Griffiths was "encouraged" by his trip and sees a window for further talks. Under global pressure, Saudi Arabia reportedly eased that blockade on Yemeni ports in December a year ago for a 30-day period, extended it for another month, then left it in apparent limbo when it expired on February 18.

But in practice, it has also cut the amount of desperately needed food, medicine and fuel getting into the country, according to aid groups.

Guterres noted that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have generously provided 930 million dollars toward the humanitarian response plan.

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"Funding won't help if the assistance doesn't reach the people in need, and lack of humanitarian access remains a key obstacle to organizations working in Yemen", said Isabella Lövin, Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden and Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate.