Apple releases iOS 11.4 with AirPlay 2

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The feature comes after repeated delays in previous versions of iOS 11, despite its announcement nearly a year ago. The HomePod famously launched without AirPlay 2's multi-room audio support or stereo pairing.

We're about a week away from seeing what iOS 12 will be like, but in the meantime the latest version of iOS 11 is here to download. iOS 11.4 is here, bringing an overdue feature promised previous year: AirPlay 2.

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Multi-room support means you can play the same music on multiple HomePods or Apple TVs in different rooms, simultaneously. Currently Sonos is working on adding AirPlay 2 support to its speakers. This update also includes bug fixes and improvements.

Likewise, grouped speakers or those set up in rooms around the home can be controlled in the Apple Control Center, with Siri intelligently understanding voice commands requesting specific tracks being played in particular rooms. Of course, from the sound of things, the system, naturally, works best with Apple's own smart speaker.

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Messages in iCloud is the big one for iOS users. When you delete one message from one device, it'll delete on all your other synced devices. The new version - which is arriving on iPhone, iPad, and the HomePod - was announced earlier today, with its support for bringing some much-needed features to Apple's smart speaker.

Conversations are still end-to-end encrypted, Apple points out, and Messages in iCloud isn't enabled by default. Be sure to update your iPhone to iOS 11.4 by going to SettingsGeneralSoftware Update. Your HomePod should update automatically, too; however, if you want to get your HomePod running on iOS 11.4 asap you can trigger that manually, too.

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Below are the devices that can be updated to iOS 11.4.