Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robot dog goes autonomous

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It also published this footage of SpotMini-a vaguely canine robot that we saw opening doors earlier this year-autonomously navigating its way through an office and lab. It wasn't enough that this creation literally inspired the very violent Black Mirror "Metalhead" episode: the company is still flirting with the robot apocalypse, as its its newest developments demonstrate.

Those mad scientists over at Boston Dynamics, once associated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have again pushed humanity closer toward a seemingly inevitable robot uprising.

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But Mr Raibert said Boston Dynamics had not figured out how to make money from Atlas yet.

The first version of SpotMini climbed up stairs, rolled over and could even place objects in a dishwasher.

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Boston Dynamics' robot dog SpotMini will soon be available for purchase, the company announced Friday, after improving the bot to roll over, walk by itself and even open doors. The robot has also mastered the two-footed jump over a moderate obstacle, although it appears that climbing a tree will still help you evade the robots.

The news came as the company posted a video showing its two-legged Atlas robot running through a field, up slopes, and jumping over logs. The terrain outside is uneven, and elevated at certain points. The price was not disclosed.

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