Cashier-free Amazon Go stores are coming to Chicago and San Francisco

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Amazon is opening additional Amazon Go locations in Chicago and San Francisco as the company expands its cashier-less grocery store concept across the nation.

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A downtown San Francisco location is believed to be the site of the future store, while Chicago has been anticipating a physical Amazon presence for months. That store opened to the public in January. "Come join Amazon Go and help our customers get good food, fast!" the listing reads. All one needs to use the store is an Amazon account, a supported smartphone, and the free Amazon Go app. There's no word yet on when the new locations may open, but it has previously been reported that Amazon wants to open six new Go locations this year. The company had already identified potential locations in Los Angeles and Seattle.

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Cameras and sensors track what the customers grab off the shelves and charge them after they leave.

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To combat overloading the tracking system, customers occasionally are asked to wait outside if a maximum number of shoppers is reached. Technical limitations encountered during testing with employees show that it would be hard to implement the tracking system on a much larger scale, albeit not impossible over the long term. However, this issue has largely been eliminated just a few weeks after the grand opening of the original Amazon Go store.