Dog saves friend from drowning in family's pool after falling in

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He was caught on camera saving his best friend's life when he fell into their family's swimming pool but was unable to get out again.

Smokey fell into the pool causing Remus to become visibly stressed. Smokey, who is not a strong swimmer, according to The Dodo, normally stays in the pool on the steps but this time nearly ended up in the deep end unable to figure out how to leave the pool.

Owners Laurie and Jay Becerra captured the heroic event on their security camera and posted it to their Facebook page where it's going viral.

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The dog can be seen scrambling to get out while Remus anxiously paces back and forth alongside the pool. But for these two pups, it's a dog-save-dog world.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, Remus jumps in after Smokey and uses his body to push Smokey out of the water.

"When we saw the footage, we were amazed and our hearts filled with joy", the friend said. "My best friend cried when we sent her the video".

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At some point, Remus moves slightly to the left, and fighting Smokey is slowly coming to him. "Smokey can swim just not well", Laurie Becerra wrote on Facebook. "She says he's a certified lifeguard now".

She added the dogs often play near the pool without incident.

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