Elon Musk Ramps Up War With Press, Accuses Media of 'Sugarcoating' Lies

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When labelled as a "a media-baiting Trump figure screaming irrationally about fake news" by one automotive reporter from The Verge, Musk responded by saying: "Why do you think he got elected in the first place?"

Elon Musk, barely a month after his behavior on an earnings call shook investor confidence, hit out on Twitter with a series of combative posts this week, leaving many scratching their heads at best and prompting scrutiny from USA labor regulators at worst. "It is how they define themselves", continues Musk.

Elon Musk tweets about Pravda
Work on"Pravda seems to have begun months ago

Musk's remarks served as a caption for a retweet of a story about a new report from Baird, in which the investment firm told clients that the negative media coverage that has driven Tesla's stock down for months has just about run out of steam, and with the automaker's production ramp now underway, "shares could appreciate significantly".

He added that he was thinking of calling it Pravda, which is the Russian word for truth and is the name of a newspaper for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

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Some industry observers have linked the latest tweetstorm to Musk's freaky sales conference call with investors and journalists earlier this month, in which he called questions about Tesla's financial health "boring, boneheaded questions" and proceeded to take multiple questions from an EV-friendly analyst. "Could do so tmrw if they wanted".

"For some reason, this is the best I've felt in a while", Musk, who has built a showman reputation partly through his frank exchanges on social media, tweeted early Thursday, after his comments set off a storm of responses.

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Recently Consumer Reports (CR) tested the Tesla Model 3 and found that the auto had braking distances that were much longer than other vehicles in its class.

The UAW, which is actively trying to organize Tesla's Fremont, California, assembly plant, notes in its complaint that Musk has 21.8 million Twitter followers, that the tweet was widely shared and covered in the media and that it remains online.

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On a larger scale, Musk's latest tweetstorm is the latest in a pattern of increasingly erratic behavior on Twitter.