Giuliani Demands Docs On Confidential FBI Informant As Condition Of Trump Testimony

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Donald Trump's regular attacks on the U.S. Justice Department, including accusations that the FBI spied on his campaign, strike some critics as "boiling the frog" - seeing how far he can push his fight against a federal investigation ensnaring his administration.

The newest member of President Donald Trump's legal team continues to make things hard for him and pretty much everyone else who is being investigated as part of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives.

He also said former FBI Director James Comey was guilty of an illegal leak when he directed a friend to share the contents of memos about his interactions with Trump to the media in May 2017, which led to bipartisan calls for a special counsel in the Russian Federation probe. Jeff Flake, have weighed in to the debate to warn Trump that if he fires Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed him, it will be considered a "constitutional crisis". Trump has repeatedly called the special counsel's work a "witch hunt" despite its producing five guilty pleas, including by three former Trump aides, and evidence of Russian tampering in USA elections. 13 Angry Democrats, and all Dems if you include the people who worked for Obama for 8 years.

"You've got 13 Democrats, you've got a focus on things that didn't happen, no Russian Federation collusion, no obstruction, just defending yourself, and now we are into the basis of it being illegitimate", Giuliani said.

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Giuliani's remarks Sunday were part of a frequently contradictory discussion about the informant.

"I did when I came in", he said.

Conservative strategist Rick Tyler followed up on Hunt's panel by going into the nuances for why Trump is wrong to characterize the FBI's informant on his campaign as a spy.

Congress is "complicit" with Trump when Republican allies such as House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes and a "weak" Speaker Paul Ryan refuse to stand up for the independence of the Justice Department, Representative Adam Schiff, the panel's top Democrat, said on Sunday.

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"That means that the rule of law is now on shaky ground", Schiff said on ABC. "We have to know, however, before we can recommend to the President whether or not to be interviewed". "And certainly we've seen this pattern before".

"As far as what I have seen to date, it appears that there was an investigation not of the campaign, but of certain individuals who have a history that we should be suspicious of that predate the presidential campaign of 2015, 2016".

Former New York Assistant District Attorney Steven Cash explained that it isn't unusual for defense attorneys to ask for any and all information at all stages of an investigation.

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