Google Maps to get redesigned Explore tab with group planning and more

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This week, Google is presenting its I/O conference in Mountain View, California. It will keep all the core features of Maps but will be getting lots of new features to make it exciting. In a demonstration at Google I/O, the enhanced assistant called a hair salon and spoke to a receptionist on the other end, using natural language processing to carry out a conversation with the salon employee and book an appointment at the time and date the user had specified. There are animated animal guides in store too.

Google Maps will even track your progress, so if you've already visited some top restaurants, you'll know which ones are left to try. It is essentially a Street View-powered navigation feature, using the camera instead of a 3D rendering.

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We'll find a new For You tab, with personalized selections of activities and events near your current location, whether it's our home or a hotel room when you travel. This feature reminds one of the augmented reality (AR) game Pokémon Go.

Sophia Lin, Google's senior product manager said users really wanted a help feature for exploring areas built into the app. Google Maps will then pop up a conversation head-like bubble which follows you as you browse to different areas.

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Google Maps is harnessing the power of augmented reality to make sure users can always find their way. Google says that Global Positioning System isn't capable of tracking one's real-time position. These trending lists are based on Google's own algorithms, local experts, and also from various trusted publishers. Maps will create lists of Michelin-starred restaurants, as an instance, or favorite brunch spots based upon your circumstance and also the time of day.

Tapping on a particular venue will also display your "match" that is both a number ranking and explanation on how likely you are to enjoy the food or drink establishment.

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Group planning of a meal or activity will get easier because you'll be able to long press on the places you're interested in to add them to a shortlist that you can share with your friends or family.