Google News gets a major revamp and an AI injection

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The new Google News program replaces Google Play Newsstand on desktop and mobile along with also the Google News & Weather program on mobile. The app collects tons of news and articles, whether local or national, and curates different posts and information in an easy-to-navigate interface.

This is a considerable evolution from the previous version of Google News, which simply organized articles together by topic. You don't have to sign up or create any new account for your subscription as Google manages everything using your Google ID.

Perhaps the most interesting new feature to be added was "Full Coverage". The app's For You feed brings everything you care about in one place, with a mix of the most important headlines, local news, as well as latest developments on all the topics you're interested in.

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You would think that being the search engine powerhouse that Google is, they would be the best source of curated news that you may need to kick off your day.

The new Google News is also set to pull in more video and images, with a new format called newscasts helping the stories "speak for themselves" visually.

As part of Google News Google are introducing a new digital format they call Newscasts.

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But in a world of fake news and concerns regarding trust and online publishers, the redesigned Google News will make it easier for users to keep to date on the latest news, while at the same time avoiding misleading or false news reports.

Essentially, the new Google News, using AI will retrieve information, analyze, organize and deliver the news without any dealy.

For those readers looking to get the entire coverage, the "Full Coverage" feature provides a complete picture of how a particular story is reported from a variety of sources. Based on the examples that have been shown so far, Full Coverage will list stories on an event timeline, offer answers to frequently asked questions about an event, highlight tweets and opinion pieces, fact checks, videos, and more. "That's why content in Full Coverage is the same for everyone-it's an unpersonalised view of events from a range of trusted news sources".

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All those publishers who have already participated in Google Play Newsstand, the original Google News, or videos on YouTube, will see their content automatically flow into the new product, along with all existing participation requirements, business rules, and analytics. It is rolling out beginning now and will be accessible to everybody on Android, iOS and the net in 127 states by following week. Finally, Favorites and Newsstand give you quick access to the publishers you follow, including the ability to subscribe to publications from directly within the app.