Houston Rockets owner offers free tickets to Santa Fe High seniors

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OAKLAND, Calif. - The Houston Rockets have extensive plans to honor the victims, survivors and first responders of the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School.

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"We need to do more than just pray for the victims and the families", Abbott said at a news conference. The high school's choir sang the national anthem and there was even a section of Santa Fe students in the crowd as well. "To the Sante Fe seniors and to the unbelievable officers & to the principals, we love you". "I remember my last week in high school and how special it was". Thank you for being heroes to all of us. "Just trying to make a special day, where 30 years from now, they think about going to that Western Conference Final game instead of what they had to go through their last few days of being a senior". "They're just kids. They're just like your kids' friends and everybody else, and it's just horrific what they had to go through". Invitations also have been extended to school administrators, county officials and first responders. The team is tied 2-2 with the Golden State Warriors in the seven-game series. The shirt was made by Santa Fe business owners.

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The Rockets hope to fill Toyota Center with members of Red Nation on Saturday as the team is on the brink of advancing to the NBA Finals. "So Houston, we are coming home". If it moves two or three people to understand we've got to have some change, that would be great. "We just can't go on".

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