How to watch Uber's flying taxi conference this week

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Uber has a bold vision for the future of urban transport: flying cars. Goel discusses developments in Uber's technology and how recent news over a fault in its autonomous vehicle technology could affect flying autonomy.

NASA says the goal is to create a rideshare network that will allow residents to hail a small aircraft the same way Uber users can now use an app to call a vehicle. also hosting the second annual Uber Elevate Summit, May 8-9, where the company's partners, from aircraft manufacturers like Boeing to government agencies like NASA, show off their progress in making the dream a reality.

By 2023 Uber hopes to allow customers to request rides. Rides will be booked within the Uber app, similarly to how someone selects a ride in a vehicle or SUV. Despite recent hiccups with its autonomous vehicles, Uber says it can take flight in 2020. Most of its propellers face upward like a helicopter's main blade, and another one is positioned forward like a plane. "We want everyone at Uber to feel safe...." "They'll be experimental vehicles but they'll be safe".

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Uber isn't the only company eyeing the skies. The company originally planned for such a service in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Dallas, Texas, and Los Angeles, California, where it envisions air taxis shuttling passengers to skyports in cities that are capable of handling 200 takeoffs and landings every hour.

However, the partnership with NASA is an early move toward figuring out regulations.

"Urban air mobility could revolutionize the way people and cargo move in our cities and fundamentally change our lifestyle much like smart phones have", Jaiwon Shin, associate administrator for NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, said in a statement.

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Uber is well-versed in the risks associated with developing new technologies.

While Khosrowshahi is focused on the future, the company is still navigating a troubled past including a March accident involving a self-driving Uber with a safety driver behind the wheel that killed a pedestrian.

Federal investigators are expected to deliver a preliminary report on the cause of the crash in the weeks ahead.

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