Hurricane season 2018 predictions: how bad will we get hit this year?

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"We know certain areas have been compromised from last year's storm, and that makes hurricane preparedness. even more important this year", says Gerry Bell, the lead hurricane season forecaster at the Climate Prediction Center.

But, NOAA is seeing the signal for a season that is either "normal" or "above normal". And while Xie and his team can not forecast where a hurricane will strike, he says their seasonal forecasts should be used to plan ahead He says the preseason forecast is a warm-up for people to pay attention to the actual forecasts from the National Hurricane Center.

After the most expensive hurricane season on record previous year, United States officials said Thursday to expect a more normal Atlantic season in 2018 with five to nine hurricanes in total.

The 2018 Hurricane Season Is Approaching. Here's What You Should Know
US weather forecasters predict at least four MAJOR HURRICANES during 2018 season

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday there's a 75 percent chance this year's Atlantic hurricane season will be near or above normal.

The possibility of a weak El Nino developing, along with near-average sea-surface temperatures across the tropical Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, are two of the factors driving this outlook.

An average Atlantic hurricane season produces 12 named storms of which six become hurricanes, three of them major.

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The science concerning the effects of climate change on hurricanes is still emerging, but rising sea levels are already making storm surge worse, and warming ocean waters feed energy to storms.

At the same time, Bell said the climate modeling technology has gotten increasingly more accurate.

Jacobs made the announcement Friday morning during a NOAA news conference in Florida.

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Last year, NOAA correctly predicted it would be an above-average hurricane season. They were among 17 storms large enough to merit their own names which tore through the Atlantic basin, including 10 hurricanes. One to four hurricanes could be "major" with sustained winds of at least 111 miles per hour (178 kph).

"Environmental conditions are forecast to become more conducive for development through early next week, and a subtropical or tropical depression is likely to form by late Saturday over the southeastern Gulf of Mexico". Puerto Rico is still in the process of recovering from Hurricane Maria, with more than 14,000 people still without power on the island, according to an ABC report.

An 80 percent chance of a near- or above-normal season is predicted for both regions.

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Hurricanes Irma and Maria also spread a wide path of destruction previous year.