I'm not excited for 'Solo: A Star Wars Story.' What's going on?

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But these Disney "Star Wars" films are not much good for anything else. This sort of relief is similar to what I felt after Justice League - it's nearly like trying out a shady new eatery and not getting an upset stomach three days later - although the cracks were more pronounced in that film.

Solo: A Star Wars Story has almost arrived. An interesting ongoing philosophical debate in the Star Wars community is should any being, mechanical or otherwise, who can think, reason, communicate, and feel, such as C-3P0 or R2-D2, be restrained from thinking and acting independently?

My fandom-oriented brain craves a universe that connects, not a scattered collection of stories that exist for their own sake. This will likely throw Han and Qi'ra into conflict if Han is working for the Hutts, a competitor to Crimson Dawn. Some said that Han Solo does not need a movie and they won't see it since Harrison Ford can not essay the role, while others said this is another way to make money from a famous character.

The Force Awakens, which benefited massively from being the first new entry in the series in over a decade, holds the opening-weekend Star Wars record with $248 million, while The Last Jedi made $220 million for its opening weekend a year ago.

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Following the death of Dryden, Qi'Ra lies to Maul about how it all went down, and he's not entirely convinced - but he decides to continue his plans anyway. Ehrenreich has proven he's a fine actor in "Hail, Caesar" and "Rules Don't Apply", but it's too much to expect him to jump right into the boots of such an iconic movie character right from the get-go.

Solo is merely a spin-off and an origin story, but the possibilities are endless as to where they take this character and this storyline. There are already rumors that he could return for a film that focuses on Qi'ra with Maul as the main villain.

"This Han Solo may not scan as an exact younger replica of the character who has taken root in collective pop-cultural imagination, but there's more to good acting than fitting a physical type", Chang writes. Solo eventually got with Princess Leia and we know how that turned out. He's not even aware of Tosche Station at this point and hasn't even seen a lightsaber yet.

Some are speculating that Darth Maul could also turn up next in the inevitable - maybe arriving in 2020 - Obi-Wan Kenobi movie. He's played by Woody Harrelson.

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The Han Solo standalone movie is launching around the world this week, in markets including China. But as Obi-Wan would say, "You must be cautious".

To be part of the event, you had to be there at 5.30pm for the movie which started at 8.30pm. In the epilogue, Han challenges Lando to one last game of sabacc for the Falcon.

Emilia Clarke really surprised me as to how, as an actress, she's been able to take the aura she exudes - when portraying Daenerys Targaryen - into other films without it feeling like a copy of the character. We all know he means Jabba the Hutt.

Those of us who have slavishly shown up to these movies since the Carter Administration have been telling ourselves roughly the same thing every time. We anticipated Beckett being a double-crosser the whole time given that he literally spells it out that nobody, not even he, should be trusted. That twist though is enough to bump this thing up to B range.

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A flawless example: The new "Star Wars" prequel's Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes is at 70 percent, which sounds positive, but the consensus among critics is that it's "flawed yet fun".