In 1990s redux, European Union to consider blocking U.S. sanctions over Iran

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"I would advise Iran not to start their nuclear programme", Mr Trump said when he was asked about the potential consequences. "When I was the Central Intelligence Agency director, I could see the State Department and all of the United States Government was focused on getting every one of those Americans returned wherever they were".

Bessma Momani of the Centre for International Governance Innovation of the US pull-out from the Iran nuclear deal.

Obama penned a warning over the decision just after it was announced Tuesday, saying it was "misguided" and will only hurt America's credibility on the world stage.

The Georgia congressman argues that the nuclear agreement was flawed from its inception and allowed Iran to increase its military capability while breaking the rules.

In announcing the U.S. pullout on Tuesday, Trump called the accord as an "embarrassment" that was "defective at its core". Trump's hawkish rhetoric about Iran as "the leading state sponsor of terror" and his warning that "the U.S. no longer makes empty threats" immediately makes the Middle East less stable.

No sooner had Trump announced American rejection of the worldwide treaty, the Israelis stepped up deadly air strikes on Syria, including casualties among Iranian military present in that country.

In his recent statement, the U.S. president blamed Iran for "bedlam and death". The events in Libya are one of the main reasons the hard-liners in Pyongyang want to hang on to their nuclear program at all costs - they see it as a form of life insurance. To be sure, this could risk the chances for the US bid-Riyadh may want to move more quickly, or it may decide to work with a non-U.S. company that places fewer restrictions on its enrichment and reprocessing capabilities.

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Asked about the potential impact of new USA economic sanctions against Iran on British firms seeking to do business in the country, Johnson did not go into specifics but indicated the government would be supportive of companies.

Trump excoriated Iran for its "destabilizing activities" in the region in his remarks from the White House Diplomatic Room, including Tehran's "support for terrorism", its "nuclear threat" as well as the dangers posed by its ballistic missile program.

What, in the end, may really stick is the repeated example of USA leaders invalidating a crucial instrument for preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.

Certain exemptions are to be negotiated, but Mr Mnuchin refused to discuss what products might qualify.

In the long term, however, "Iran is the big hope of aviation manufacturers" because of its large population - about 80 million - and middle class, its oil assets, and an aging aircraft fleet in need of upgrades, said Adam Pilarski, an Avitas analyst.

Trying to ease market concerns, Saudi Arabia yesterday day said it would work with other producers to lessen the impact of any shortage in oil supplies.

India was earlier forced to withdraw from a tri-nation - India, Pakistan and Iran - gas pipeline project.

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Retired General Michael Hayden, a former director of both the CIA and the National Security Agency, called it "remarkable" that Mr. Trump made no mention of US intelligence assessments in his speech announcing withdrawal from the Iran deal. And if Trump tried to impose secondary sanctions on the Europeans who continue to keep their agreements with Iran, we would find ourselves in an economic war with our closest allies as well. The blocking statute threat has less weight than in Clinton's era because US sanctions targeting financial transactions have become more robust and costly for European Union firms.

The U.K., Germany and France have of course expressed regret over the imminent collapse of the agreement, but countries with regional rather than global agendas are more sanguine. So we felt that it was a good agreement which worked for European security as well as the security of other countries. "In this regard‚ the decision of the United States should not prevent the remaining parties from honouring their commitments‚" the statement said.

Trump has the backing of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Israel.

Nearly immediately after the attack, Israel retaliated with a sustained bombing campaign, with Israeli jets targeting numerous Iranian-controlled sites across Syria, in the largest ever direct clash between Jerusalem and Tehran.

But what's even more shocking is the pile of falsehoods and lies spouted by Trump for why he was nixing the Iran deal.

In Tehran, Mr Rouhani sought to calm nerves, smiling as he appeared at a petroleum expo.

The world is being pushed to a new war in the Middle East, which could escalate into an global conflagration - exclusively on the back of outlandish claims leveled by the American president in complete dereliction of legal standards.

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