Internet divided over 'Yanny or Laurel' video clip

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An audio clip posted to Twitter has social media users locked in fierce debate, with many comparing it to the infamous "blue/gold dress" from 2015.

And for an actual explanation about why people are hearing two completely different things so clearly, go here.

It's likely that people hearing yanny are using speakers that do not reproduce low frequencies well, such as the speaker on an iPhone.

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The reason Yanny or Laurel is the rightful heir to the horror of the blue and gold dress is that people find it nearly impossible to understand HOW anyone could hear the opposite word. The middle consonant is definitely not an n, Sanker said, but you might hear one because the vowel in front of it sounds particularly nasal.

The voice saying "Laurel" speaks at a lower volume than the voice saying "Yanny".

Many Twitter users replied saying that they could only hear "Yanny", while those on the "Laurel" camp insisted the same. "And the higher frequencies say "Yanny". But it's still most certainly "laurel".

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That weird phenomenon of a photo that divided the world into team white and gold and team blue and black?

What do you hear? Plz send help and also tell us what you hear in the comments down below. The human brain can't process both at once, though, so it picks one to process, depending on your hearing range.

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