Iran nuclear accord not ideal, but best to stick with it

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The latest one, according to an American ambassador to Germany, is that he showed his bedroom to German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her last visit to the White House.

The German Defence Ministry will notify lawmakers shortly that it will proceed with plans to lease Israeli-built Heron-TP surveillance drones, a programme that was delayed a year ago, Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen told top military officers on Monday.

Although NATO allies fall short of the 2 percent level, many nations in the alliance have increased defense spending within the past year.

German cabinet
Iran nuclear accord not ideal, but best to stick with it

President Donald Trump gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel a tour of the White House that included a sneak peek at his bedroom, according to the USA ambassador to Germany.

President Donald Trump announced last week the US would pull out of the 2015 accord, which is created to keep Tehran's nuclear ambitions in check and took over a decade to negotiate.

Von der Leyen said the required notification would be sent to parliament soon, but gave no details.

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North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, including Germany, are expected to contribute 2 percent of their GDP towards defense.

Speaking earlier Monday, Merkel told the conference that Germany "needs to stand by the promises that we made".

German lawmakers begin debate on Tuesday on a federal budget that proposes raising defense spending from 37 billion euros a year ago to 41.5 billion euros ($50 billion) in 2019, equivalent to about 1.28 percent of GDP.

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Finance minister Olaf Scholz has so far rebuffed such calls by his cabinet colleague, arguing that higher spending does not automatically translate to a better defense strategy.

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