Italy's M5S and League parties poised to name a prime minister

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Five Star's leader Luigi di Maio said talks today had been "productive" and that negotiations were still ongoing over who will become prime minister.

A Five Star representative told AFP on Monday that the pair want to present the details of their agreement - including their prime ministerial candidate - to the president before making them public.

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Both ran for premier in March 4 elections for Parliament.

President Sergio Mattarella, who has the final word on nominating a premier, reminded the parties in a speech on Saturday that he is not obliged to accept their recommendation.

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The partnership between Salvini and Di Maio would represent a blow to mainstream European political parties across the continent. These measures are likely to set Rome on a collision course with Brussels as the new government has vowed to ignore the budgetary restrictions now in place due to the Italian government's deficit.

A centre-right alliance led by Salvini's League won the most seats, while 5-Star emerged as easily the biggest single party.

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According to reports, the parties have agreed on rolling back increases to the age of retirement, while the M5S is willing to follow the League's hardline anti-immigration policies. Together they will be able to hold a majority in both houses. M5S is by far Italy's largest single party after conquering almost 33 percent of the electorate.