Latest Ontario Election Polls Show NDP Gaining Ground, Tories Stalling

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Additionally, asked which leader has run the best campaign, 34 per cent opted to name Horwath, while 23 per cent gave Ford the nod and only nine per cent chose Wynne.

A previous analysis of opinion polling back in March showed that the Ontario PC party would have won a sizable majority government and putting leader Doug Ford in the premier's chair if the June 7 vote was held back then.

Premier Kathleen Wynne will make her first campaign stop in Sudbury on Wednesday.

"I know the real Doug Ford", she said.

"I absolutely get that".

"It's pretty clear that people have decided Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are not going to form government next time around", said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath.

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In this election if you want a government that is committed to balanced budgets, paying down the debt and scrapping this cap and trade carbon tax you should vote Progressive Conservative. "But we have no idea where those cuts would come from.If people are going to make an informed decision, they need to have specifics about what he's proposing".

We will find out on June 7.

Ford similarly framed the choice facing voters.

"Liberals and Conservatives, people are losing hope, and that's why our platform is one that says to folks it doesn't have to be this way, you can have hope for the future", she said.

Her government has helped ensure strong business, a strong economy and a fairer society - accomplishments too important to abandon, Wynne said.

What matters more than popular support, however, is winning ridings, and it's possible the NDP and the Liberals will split the vote, allowing the Tories to snatch certain areas, Tellier said.

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The release did not say what kind of announcement she will be making.

Party rules say members must pay the $10 fee to join the party themselves.

That the Tories are seeing their support falter slightly after months in the lead suggests that some voters are losing faith in Doug Ford, possibly over his lack of a costed platform, said Tellier.

A promised income tax cut would result in a almost $2.3 billion drop in provincial revenue, but questions about funding that pledge and many others have been met with vague promises of finding "efficiencies".

The Liberals are also continuing to hammer the NDP on their platform funding, after Horwath admitted over the weekend that an error would leave them with a deficit that's $1.4 billion larger than originally planned.

As for his relationship with Surma, Ford explained that he has helped candidates in the riding for 30 years.

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