Major League Baseball reverses decision calling Rizzo guilty of interference

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Major League Baseball has informed the Cubs and Pirates on Tuesday that Chicago first baseman Anthony Rizzo's controversial slide into Pittsburgh catcher Elias Diaz on Monday should have been ruled interference on Rizzo. Manager Clint Hurdle was thrown from the game for arguing with umpires.

In the top of the eighth inning, Pirates shortstop Sean Rodriguez fielded a ground ball and threw home to get the force out on Rizzo.

MLB insider Carrie Muskat said that both teams have been told by league officials of the interference call review. The umpires screwed up the call on the field, then a video review created to catch those mistakes screwed up the call again in the booth.

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This is an interesting move by MLB and appears that the days of old-school baseball slides are behind us.

"Like I said I'm not trying to ever hurt anyone", Rizzo noted.

The wording of "deviating from a direct pathway" to home plate and "initiating contact" with the catcher (or whoever may be covering home plate) exactly describes and specifically indicts what Rizzo did to Diaz.

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Cubs manager Joe Maddon was almost as angry as Hurdle, arguing that the play shouldn't even be reviewable. You've got to break up a double play.

"To be honest with you guys, it's too late now", Diaz said. "Everybody is going to see the play and say this is the play you can make on the catcher on his most vulnerable position. Didn't look like you were trying to hit him.' It's one of those plays I'm sure will be talked about a little bit, but I don't think it's anything too insane". You play on. What's most important from my perspective is we let the industry know this particular slide was illegal, for the sake of the catchers.

Diaz remained in the game, and the pair talked briefly when Rizzo returned for an at-bat in the ninth inning. "Fortunately, we broke it up, everyone comes out healthy".

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