Mario Tennis Aces Pre-Launch Tournament Announced, Story Trailer Revealed

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The sports game's Pre-Launch Online Tournament will start at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM BST on June 1 (midnight AET on the night of June 1) and end at 3.59 PM PT / 6.59 PM ET / 11:59 PM BST on June 3 (8:59 AM ET on June 4). We won't know for sure how it turns out until it releases in June, but Nintendo plans to give fans a sneak peak prior to that with an online demo. Currently, there are 15 confirmed characters: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Boo, Toad, Toadette, Rosalina and Chain Chomp. However, five additional characters will be unlockable with points accumulated through participation in the tournament and online stages. As you venture around the Mushroom Kingdom, you'll take on different kinds of matches and minigames to tighten those tennis skills and bolster your stats. Players will be able to compete against other people online.

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Playing the game early also gets you an outfit that unlocks in the full game - Mario's classic overalls. To participate, players just have to download the Pre-launch Online Tournament in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.

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If you didn't have a hankering to play tennis with your favorite Nintendo characters before, you will after checking out the latest Mario Tennis Aces trailer. These include a tennis match against Boo where two floating mirrors shoot the ball back at you, and a course where Mario needs to hit multiple Shy Guys littered across the court. Mario's standard costume will be made available in the full game, giving a little extra incentive to try it out.

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It is a follow-up to the 2015 "Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash" for the Wii U. The upcoming Ninetndo Switch title will also be the very first tennis-based "Super Mario" game to feature a single-player story mode since 2005's "Mario Tennis: Power Tour" for the Game Boy Advance.