Meet the robot that can jog, jump over obstacles

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In addition to SpotMini, the company had unveiled Atlas, a humanoid robot that can do flips, pick up boxes and can now run.

The dog-like robot that can open doors and haunt humanity's dreams is now coming to a home near you.

In this instance, SpotMini uses cameras to autonomously navigate through an office and lab facility, including walking up and down stairs and navigate obstacles.

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"SpotMini in pre-production now", said Raibert.

Atlas is an advanced robot created to look like a human - it has arms, legs and 28 joints and is able to mimic the movement of humans.

The company's founder, Marc Raibert, announced at a TechCrunch event last Friday in California that the dog-like robot, which will be able to perform office and household tasks, will be commercially available in 2019. The SpotMini robots are expected to be used for security patrols or in construction companies to keep tabs on what's happening at building sites.

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Boston Dynamics was bought from Google's parent company, Alphabet, by Japanese firm SoftBank in August previous year, but it looks as though developments are surging ahead.

Boston Dynamics already has made 10 SpotMinis with plans to manufacture about 100 more for additional testing this year before going into mass production by the middle of next year, Raibert said. It weighs in at 66 pounds and can go for around 90 minutes on a single charge.

The first version SpotMini walked, skated, and even placed items in the dishwasher. It also takes a tumble on a banana skin, suggesting at least one way we humans can defend ourselves against any upcoming robot rampage. Truth is, Boston Dynamics has so far revealed little about the SpotMini, choosing instead to modify it before filming skits and posting them on YouTube.

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Updated on May 13: The SpotMini will go on sale in 2019.