'Mega Man 11' hits consoles and PC October 2nd

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According to a listing on the region's storefront, Mega Man 11 will arrive on October 3. In order to take him on, Dr.

Light, Mega Man's creator, adds these upgrades to Mega Man.

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"Dr. Wily is up to his old tricks, and Mega Man must tap into the evil genius' own technology to combat eight haywire Robot Masters". Defeating them and absorbing their powers is the heart of the game, and swapping between all the new powers is now easier and faster than ever through a useful weapon wheel.

The double gear system is fairly straightforward, but it alters the classic Mega Man formula in some pretty big ways.

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An "Amiibo Edition" of the game will also be released for Switch, which includes a copy of the game, new Amiibo Mega Man, "Stage Selection" microfiber cloth, set of four colorful stickers, and Dr.

Both the Speed Gear, which makes the world move much slower relative to Mega Man, and the Power Gear, which boosts regular shoots and enables the Mega Buster to fire two shots at a time, can be switched on and off at will. Capcom changed that today by dropping a ton of new information about the game, releasing a new trailer, and revealing that it will be launching on October 2.

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Double Gear - When at critical health, Mega Man can unleash maximum power and deftly maneuver in the direst situations.