Multiverse Beckons Hospitability to Life

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Radio astronomers from around the world have been glued to their sets for decades to listen to that one sound from somewhere in space which would prove that an alien life, sufficiently advanced, exists somewhere in our universe.

The previously proposed theory of dark energy shows that our universe has "perfect" dark energy - a resistance against gravity, which is responsible for making the universe expand at a faster rate.

A team of scientists from the United Kingdom and Australia made this finding while studying "dark energy" - the mysterious force accelerating the expansion of the universe. Appending massive amounts would lead to such a speedy growth that it would lessen the matter before any stars, planets or life could form.

To reach this conclusion, the team used a huge computer simulation and finally showed that if there were other universes, they would probably have the same life.

He included: "Our simulations reveal that even if there was far more dark energy and even hardly any in deep space then it would just have a very little result on star and planet development.". The dark energy is defined as the unusual force, which is triggering the universe to expand. "So why is there so much dark energy in our universe?"

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"I think we should be looking for a new law of physics to explain this unusual property of our Universe, and the multiverse theory does little to rescue physicists' discomfort".

The group containing analysts from England, Australia, and the Netherlands arrived at this determination subsequent to running a program called "Advancement and Assembly of Galaxies and their Environments".

If our universe is one of many versions of the cosmos - a concept known as the "multiverse" - then life could be common throughout it, they say.

The matter of dark energy has been a hot topic among scientists for quite some time, and it's becoming increasingly clear that we don't have a solid grasp on how it functions - a fact reinforced by the fact that we might have been wrong about the limitations of the energy all around.

The main theory about dark energy is that our universe was created by a short burst, and this explosion made it expand rapidly. This suggests that in some regions the universe is still expanding and will continue to grow indefinitely.

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In doing so, it produces multiverses: an endless supply of universes similar to our own, inhabited with Earthlike worlds, societies as well as people that resemble us.

"We asked ourselves how much dark energy can there be before life is impossible?" said co-author Pascal Elahi, a researcher at the University of Western Australia. It's more special than it needs to be for life. They researched on various combination of various genesis conditions and find out that conditions for the formation of life are not that limited.

However, when an accepted scientific part is questioned or even completely denied, it is always exciting - this new research may be the case.

At this point in time, the direct application of knowledge is not much, but as we advance in technology, we may finally have the tools to put these findings into practice.

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