NES Classic Edition Coming Back To Store Shelves On June 29

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Nintendo has announced on Twitter that they will be putting the popular NES Classic on store shelves next month.

The NES Classic won't be the only Nintendo retro console that will be available this year.

The system, while smaller than the original, will include one classic controller and 30 pre-installed games, according to Nintendo's website. Consistently sold out at retailers, the brand new NES Classic sold more than five million units, which is a great incentive for Nintendo to revive it.

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The NES Classic Edition was originally released in November 2016 and became an overnight success.

The console is selling on Amazon for $228.98 right now, and that's if you want a new one.

The Super NES Classic Edition earned similarly high marks. The Japanese video game maker has announced that the miniature 8-bit system will be back on June 29, 2018. The NES mini will have the same selection of games, come with the same controllers, the same form and everything else.

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Console manufacturer AtGames has releases mini, retro Atari and Sega consoles. Regarding the SNES Classic, Nintendo recently made a statement that it already sold almost 5 million units.

The Super Nes Classic featured 20 classic Super NES games including standouts like Donkey Kong Country, Mega Man X, Super Metroid, and Secret of Mana.

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