Next CW superhero crossover to introduce Batwoman

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Of course there's no telling how the Arrow-verse will introduce Batwoman but it nearly seems like a certainty that if this character is going to play a central role in the upcoming crossover that there's always a chance she gets a series of her own. And they will fight alongside Batwoman, something that Arrow star Stephen Amell is excited about. She'll make her debut during the yearly crossover later in the fall, but an actor for the character wasn't named. Previously, Arrow once name-dropped Bruce Wayne, in an ad-lib suggested by Amell.

Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow will have to make room for another key player.

Now do that thing you do, readership: On your mark, get set, cast Batwoman!

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The CW has been accused of exploiting the LGBTQ+ fandom in the past but the addition of Batwoman in the Arrowverse is a step in the right direction.

Of course, details about the latest crossover are pretty limited.

Though Batwoman is a title that has been held by several characters since 1956, the most definitive iteration of the character didn't appear until 2006. She is also notable in that she's one of the highest-profile LGBT characters in the comic book world, so it's a big deal to have her coming to TV. Like Supergirl with Superman, she can have adventures of her own while barely brushing shoulders with Batman.

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In the comics, Batwoman was introduced as a potential love interest for Batman in the Silver Age of comics.

Batwoman has been in dozens of animated shows, usually being a hero and defendant of Gotham city, an idea that Pedowitz brought up in the presentation.

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