No comeback for Terrell Owens, just Madden cover

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Whether you buy the new edition each year or you're looking to get into the franchise for the first time in 2018, you might be wondering what editions are available, how much they cost, and where to pre-order Madden NFL 19.

In addition to more authentic ways to build an National Football League roster, the ability to train and develop players will make things feel more personal.

No comeback for Terrell Owens, just Madden cover
No comeback for Terrell Owens, just Madden cover

Madden NFL 19 will launch on August 10 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players will also have better tools for building their roster and new ways to train and develop the players. Schemes are also described as being linked to a "new intuitive progression system - based on authentic positional archetypes - that give virtual coaches the tools and the big decision to either win now or build their squad for the future". Along with early access, Hall of Fame Edition players will get a special cover for the game starring former National Football League receiver, Terrell Owens, 12 gold team fantasy packs, immediate access to an elite legend player for their Ultimate Team, two custom uniforms for Ultimate Team, and more. Cowboys fans are probably most miffed about Owens mocking the Star as a member of the Niners.

The Hall of Fame edition will be released August 7 with Madden NFL 19 hitting shelves August 10.

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Regardless of which edition of Madden 19 you purchase, you'll be able to enjoy what EA is referring to as Real Player Motion Technology.

Lastly, pre-order bonuses were reveal. Players who pre-order the standard edition will receive the full game on August 10 and their choice of one Elite Player from their favorite National Football League team, as well as five Gold Team Fantasy Packs. The Hall of Fame Edition will sell for $80 and include an Elite Hall of Fame Legend for Madden Ultimate Team, a Training Pack and seven additional Gold Team Fantasy Packs.

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Interestingly, there is no word of story mode returning, which was introduced with last year's installment.

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