Odd 'wolf-like' creature shot and killed in Montana

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A odd wolf-like animal was shot and killed near Denton, Montana, which now has wildlife officials scratching their heads trying to identify it.

In an official press release issued by Montana Fish, Wildfire and Parks, they confirmed that a rancher called and originally reported shooting a wolf after it tried eating his livestock.

Wolf management specialist for Montana FWP, Ty Smucker, said that several things about the animal were odd.

"We have no idea what this was until we get a DNA report back", Bruce Auchly spokesman for the Department, told the Great Falls Tribune.

Denton Canid head
Odd 'wolf-like' creature shot and killed in Montana

Although the animal is reminiscent of a wolf, its teeth and forepaws are far too small, but the claws and ears are abnormally large, said officials from the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

"Nevertheless, social media was quick to pronounce the animal as everything from a wolf to a wolf hybrid to something mythical", he said.

"All of which means it may be awhile (possibly weeks or months) before anyone really knows what the animal near Denton really was".

What is known is that the animal is a female mammal belonging to the dog family but while it shares many wolf-life characteristics, there are several other unusual features, Newsweek reported.

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The department has sent DNA samples out for testing at an OR lab, but it could be weeks to months before results come back.

'It was near a rancher's place, it was shot, and our game wardens went to investigate.

The carcass has now been sent to the MFWP's lab where tissue samples will be taken from the animal. "That's the last I heard of it". These are just facts.

"First off, "Dire Wolf" was a wonderful song by The Grateful Dead in about 1971".

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When wolves reach sexual maturity, hormonal changes can trigger behavior changes, making animals more stubborn or aggressive, the Wolf Center says. "Finally, we caught it and it turned out to be a hybrid".

HuffPost asked Zardulu via Twitter if she had anything to do with the wolflike animal in Montana. "Number 2, it's a prehistoric animal, like mastodons and sabre toothed tigers; so it doesn't exist".

However, on closer inspection it became unclear what species it was, prompting state wildlife officials to take DNA samples.

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