Only Syrian army should have presence in south, say Russian Federation and Israel

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The United States, Russia and Jordan agreed previous year to create a "de-escalation zone" in southwest Syria, which included the regions of Deraa, Quneitra and Sweida. However, by allowing Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces to re-take the south of the country, Israel is taking part in a move that de-facto allows Assad to regain control over all of Syria.

Along with Idlib province in the north, Daraa is one of the last areas of territory still held by rebels after a Syrian government push to recapture areas lost during the seven-year war.

Sources added that Bolton and Ben-Shabat will also discuss joint military cooperation in countering Iran's presence in Syria.

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While Syrian government forces dropped leaflets on Deraa's rebel-held areas, the Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen TV, which has reporters embedded with Syrian troops, said the army is sending reinforcements to southern Syria in an apparent preparation for an offensive.

According to the report, the understandings were ‎reached in a series of indirect meetings in Jordan, ‎where Iranian officials, including the envoy to ‎Jordan, met with top Jordanian officials, who in turn ‎met with senior Israeli security officials.‎. The report said a Jordanian mediator carried messages between the sides.

"When you consider the advanced weapon systems - surface to surface missiles and anti aircraft systems - that the Iranians want to deploy in Syria, it becomes clear that they must be prevented from doing so in all of Syria and not only within a limited distance from the Israeli border", Chagai Tzuriel, director-general of the intelligence ministry, told Reuters.

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Israel has agreed to accept the return of Syrian regime forces to southern Syria, in exchange for the assurance by Russian Federation that Iran will distance itself from the country.

His European tour follows the United States withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal which the European signatories, France, Germany and Britain, have said they will stick to.

"These things, of course, reflect not only our position. This will be the main focus of my discussions", Netanyahu said. What could be causing the US' "concern" is that Dara'a borders the occupied Golan Heights which Israel has used to treat wounded militants for years. The Iranians denied they had fired any rockets.

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