Police have no clue how a gun ended up in driver's bumper

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A man found a gun stuck in the front of his auto.

This brings new meaning to the term "gunning your engine".

A Washington State driver recently made a startling discovery when he stopped to pump gas: a handgun had impaled his vehicle.

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Washington State Trooper Guy Gill tweeted that the driver of the Honda saw a black object in the air and then it hit his vehicle.

Washington State Trooper Guy Gill posted photos of the incident on Twitter Thursday afternoon, calling it "a first".

About 18 miles down the road, the man stopped for gas and found the weapon stuck in his Honda, officials said. Gill said his agency recovered the handgun and turned it over to local police in Lakewood, Washington.

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Troopers handed the gun over to the Lakewood, Washington, police department.

"He says the driver didn't know if the gun had fallen or been thrown from an overpass or another vehicle".

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