Putin tells Assad 'all foreign troops' will leave Syria

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But now, especially after Iraq and Afghanistan, Americans across the political spectrum have an advanced case of Middle East war fatigue. What they want, instead, is a sustained containment campaign to pressure Iran to change its behavior and ambitions and constrain its ability to destabilize neighbors and spread influence. In 2004 he argued "There was a Shia crescent that went from Damascus to Tehran, passing through Baghdad, where a Shia-dominated government had taken power and was dictating a sectarian brand of politics that was radiating outwards from Iraq across the whole region". The ensuing chaos saw political realignments and spread of militant sectarian organization in the entire region. As of today, the super powers of cold war era are back in business in a new cold war in the ME.

Iranian protestors burn a representation of a US flag during a gathering after their Friday prayer in Tehran, Iran, Friday, May 11, 2018.

Mr Abrams also predicted that European firms would start aligning themselves with USA demands after Mr Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal and threatened them with sanctions.

Iran and Russian Federation have joined forces in Syria, providing crucial military support to Assad's forces and giving them the upper hand in the civil war. Towards this it asked the Assad regime to lease land for constructing a port near Tartus on Mediterranean Sea.

Putin tells Assad 'all foreign troops' will leave Syria
Putin tells Assad 'all foreign troops' will leave Syria

Mr Fedorov continued: "We are trying to find a solution in Syria, with our partners Turkey and Iran".

Syria remains the most important ground where the United States is seeking to weaken the Iranian influence and presence.

Iranian-backed militias, including the Lebanese group Hezbollah, have been instrumental in helping Assad's over-stretched forces recapture areas around Damascus and in the country's center and north, building a military presence that has alarmed Israel and its US ally, which is now looking to constrain Iran's activities. "No indication whether Assad agreed".

The US leadership vacuum was exploited by Russian Federation, which increased its military presence in Syria, in the process allowing Israel's hostile northern neighbor to become a base of operations for Israel's greatest enemies - Iran and Hezbollah.

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Russian Federation intensified its political efforts by convening the Astana round-table last week, which renewed its commitment to preserving the de-escalation zones; the most important being the southern one, which is a potential battleground between Israel and Iran. The U.S. exit from the nuclear deal appears to have prompted Tehran to finally authorize a direct retaliatory attack on Israel-even if it was an ineffective one. The presence and operations of Al Quds Force have been monitored by Israel, which reached a conclusion that Iran has in recent months moved to a new phase in its Syrian strategy. So far Iran has shown marked patience to Israeli provocations but mounting Iranian losses may not hold its resolve for very long.

Merkel emphasized the need to provide Ukraine with guarantees that has supplies via its territory will continue. "We will remain and keep supporting Syria so long as it needs our help", he elucidated. Putin will allow Tel Aviv to constrain Iranian gains in Syria but without indulging in an open war.

A wider Iran-Israel conflict would have devastating consequences beyond just those two parties. Some fired in the air in celebration.

The writer is a senior resident scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington. Most of the Muslim countries face insurgencies due to rise of radicalism and sectarianism in their societies.

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The prepared roadmap revolves around economic, commercial, transportation, and industrial cooperation between that two countries as well as renovation of damaged constructions in Syria, the Iranian transport minister, who arrived in Damascus the same morning leading a delegation, announced.

- The writer is freelance columnist based in Islamabad.

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