Republicans are packing the farm bill with poison pills

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In a revolt against party leadership, hardline conservatives voted against the Republicans' sweeping farm bill on Friday, a blow against House Speaker Paul Ryan who championed the bill as a giant step toward welfare reform. Let's go ahead and do that; we don't have an impending deadline for the Farm bill.

This mishandling of key legislation comes at a time when farm income nationwide has plummeted in recent years, when drought is hammering parts of the Southwest and the southern Plains and when the Trump administration's trade policies have spurred major uncertainties for US agricultural exports. The vote was 213-198. He failed to wrangle enough Republican votes - another indication that his influence has waned since he announced last month that he won't seek re-election in his Wisconsin district.

The conservative bill would now reduce legal immigration, clear the way for construction of President Donald Trump's border wall with Mexico and let Dreamers stay in the USA for renewable three-year periods.

If there is another vote, the Republicans may decide to write a farm bill minus the food stamp changes.

"We've been promised a vote again and again", said Scott Perry, a Pennsylvania Republican and member of the caucus.

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The pinnacle of the conservative Home Freedom Caucus mentioned Thursday that it will not assist a vote on this 12 months's federal farm invoice till it's given an opportunity to think about immigration laws.

Denham is among a group of moderate Republicans leading a discharge petition on a queen of the hill rule to force votes on four immigration measures. The bill includes significant amounts of farm subsidies for rural businesses, and reauthorizes the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to get buy-in from more urban lawmakers.

The president was "disappointed in the result of today's vote", Lindsay Walters, deputy White House press secretary, said in a statement May 18.

The proposed food stamp cuts came after passage of the Republican tax bill that independent studies said gave most of its benefits to the richest Americans. When lawmakers return, the calendar and election-year politics will begin to work against a new farm law this year.

"It certainly will leave a lot of ag producers scratching their heads about our Republican majority and moving these important pieces of legislation through the House", Arrington said. "The farm bill, unfortunately, was a casualty", said Representative Scott Perry, a Pennsylvania Republican and Freedom Caucus member.

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Even though they attempted to reform aspects of the food stamps program, the bill still increased direct spending by over $450 million and discretionary spending by $31 billion over the next decade. It would have knuckled the poor who subsist on food stamps with work requirements that most states are not willing to pay to implement as serious policy.

"The tradition of a bipartisan bill that doesn't slash into the SNAP program is a tradition that had a reason for it", said Jim Weill, president of the Food Research and Action Center, which opposes expanded work requirements.

That might be a Pyrrhic victory of the Freedom Caucus, but they've always seemed to prefer being right to being the prevailing cause, and on the need for an immigration debate, they're right.

"The rejection of the House version of the 2018 farm bill highlights the host of concerns that family farmers have with this failed legislation. We're not done with it", he said.

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