Seann William Scott to star in 'Lethal Weapon' Season 3

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A new Martin Riggs has been found to replace Clayne Crawford on Fox's Lethal Weapon - Seann William Scott.

Even though ITV has yet to broadcast the season two finale, the internet is full of spoilers, and if you wish to remain spoiler free, this is your last chance to stop reading. Despite the studio's repeated reprimands, the actor did nothing to change his behavior and Warners instead opted to fire him rather than take a large financial blow and have Fox cancel the series. They knew they would have to scramble to replace him with another actor or shuttle the show.

Lethal Weapon is the Fox's No. 2 returning drama behind Empire.

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In his apology, Crawford detailed the two incidents that ultimately led to his eventual firing.

Crawford was sacked from the series after what executives described as repeated instances of "emotional abuse" of cast and crew members, dating back several months, for which the actor was repeatedly reprimanded.

Of course, there are also some people who seem more bothered by this near-universal audience reaction than the news itself, considering the potential gravity of the claims made against the actor.

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It will be the first network series role for Scott.

Seann William Scott is best known for his lead role in the "American Pie" movie franchise, and has starred in countless major comedy films, such as "Road Trip", "Role Models", "The Dukes of Hazzard", "The Rundown" and "Dude, Where's My Car?".

"Furthermore, I apologize to all the crew and cast for any negative attention 'Lethal Weapon" is receiving because of these incidents'. "Like" LETHAL WEAPON on Facebook at

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Lethal Weapon, as the youngest and highest rated of the three Warner Bros TV drama series for Fox, was considered a shoo-in for renewal until the behind-the scene problems involving Crawford threw the pickup in limbo. The situation escalated to a point where Fox and Warner Bros. I hope I'm not fired! In the days that followed, Crawford retweeted notes of support from past co-stars praising his professionalism.