The Cavaliers and Celtics Battle in G7 Of The Eastern Conference Finals!

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James is a more complete player, which has always been apparent, and now he's survived every challenge that's been thrown at him. A Boston win will keep their 2018 postseason home unbeaten streak intact and send them to the NBA Finals with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward not playing. "I think they have a great core, even with their main guys out".

For the nth time, LeBron James carried the Cleveland Cavaliers in a Game 7 Eastern Conference Finals win over the young but tenacious Boston Celtics, 87-79.

LeBron James led Cleveland with 35 points, 15 rebounds and 9 assists. Sunday will be his 100th game of the season, tying the most he has ever played, including all those Finals runs.

Yes, there were eight turnovers. He coasted on defense in the first half to conserve his energy, which worked. Tatum had 24 points and 7 rebounds in Boston's 96-83 victory in Game 5, when he went 7-for-8 from the line. It was his layup that put the game away for good.

Jeff Green
Jeff Green comes up with 19 clutch points in Game 7

The home team has won every game this series, and a lot of them haven't even been close.

LeBron James had just clinched his eighth straight trip to the NBA Finals, but before celebrating in the quiet TD Garden, he scanned the parquet floor. "This and Game 7 of the Finals 2016, right there". James said Friday night after his seventh 40-point game in 17 outings in this postseason.

And still this one stands out. Boston's final offensive possessions in the fourth quarter were hectic, slow, and unsuccessful.

James did something to his right leg in the fourth quarter of Game 6 when Larry Nance fell into him. James doesn't know the diagnosis, he just knows it hurts. "I think we've played now until May 25 and May 27 the last two years, and we started on September 25". In Game 6 of the 2012 Eastern final, he went for 45 points, 15 rebounds and five assists to keep the Miami Heat alive before they won Game 7 back home. Check out this end of game action in this Fantastic Finish.

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Stevens said after the game that his message to his team is that the "pain is part of the path". "But he still scored 35".

King James has done it yet again.

To put that into perspective, Rozier, Brown and Marcus Smart combined for just 21 points while shooting 8-for-42 from the field, including just 3-of-26 from three-point range. He missed eight games last season and Cleveland lost all eight.

Discussing the dunk during his post-game press conference, Tatum said: "I had to get him back for the two shots he hit on me in Cleveland".

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LeBron has gone nuclear with 40+ point performances.

Overall, even though the odds seemed to be stacked against him for once this season, LeBron pulled through and proved yet again that he's one of the most dominant and unbelievable athletes in National Basketball Association history. You got to be able to get down and get dirty. "He's been doing this awhile and that's the reason why he's been so successful". There's been mathematical attempts to rank the two, and even MJ's old teammates have said LeBron is a more complete player.

"There's not much I can say to try to describe what he does for us", Green said. "For me, it's a no brainer to go out there and give it all I have".

"We've been counted out for a long time this season", added James.

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"I'll be available for at least four more games. And we'll see what happens". I know that's where we're headed.