Trump, Pence file annual financial disclosure forms

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While the disclosure didn't specify the objective of the payment, Cohen has said he paid $130,000 to Daniels in the weeks before the 2016 presidential election to keep her from going public about her allegations that she had sex with the married Trump in 2006. Apol's letter was released with the Trump disclosures.

"And that's why the President affirmed it, yes", Giuliani said when asked if the financial disclosure process was the reason he revealed Trump paid Cohen back.

The payment, which was made in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election, is being looked at by investigators for possibly constituting an unreported in-kind donation to the Trump campaign, which is a violation of campaign finance law.

The ethics disclosure draws a clearer connection between Trump and Cohen and further underlines inconsistencies in descriptions provided by Trump and aides about the payments.

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Ethics office sending letter to Rod Rosenstein stating that Michael Cohen's payment on behalf of Trump was a debt and may be relevant to "any inquiry" Rosenstein may be pursuing.

Al-Rumaihi's company, Sport Trinity, confirmed to CNN that he was at the Trump Tower meetings, and Qatar's press attaché told Britain's Daily Mail on Tuesday that al Thani was there, too, to meet with Trump transition officials.

The $100,000 was paid out in 2016 but was not reported in the president's disclosure previous year.

The Trump Organization referred questions about the disclosure report to the president's lawyer Sheri Dillon of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius. Last year's report showed he had $1.4 billion in assets. The documents indicate that the payment was for a $100,001 to $250,000 reimbursement to a "third-party" related to the 2016 election; the form did not provide any additional details to explain what the money covered. Trump, who has denied having a sexual relationship with Daniels during his marriage to First Lady Melania Trump, said earlier this month that he reimbursed Cohen.

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"The forms will be available through the Office of Government Ethics" in the coming days, she added. Daniels says she had an affair with the president.

The FBI on Monday raided the offices of Cohen, a move that Trump angrily denounced as a "disgrace" and "whole new level of unfairness".

"It is good that in the face of overwhelming evidence and public pressure, the president came clean about this liability on this year's form, but we now have to wonder how many other liabilities for similar payments he has that he still has not disclosed because he has not been publicly called out on them, said CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder". The president's tax returns would give a clear picture, but Trump has broken with tradition by refusing to make them public.

Giuliani initially made the revelation about the payment in a Fox News interview.

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