Trump Tells Naval Academy Graduates: 'We're Respected Again'

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His speech came a day after he kicked up fears of ratcheting tensions on the Korean peninsula for canceling a diplomatic summit with North Korea's leader scheduled for next month. "We are respected again, I can tell you that". "Yes they're respecting us again, yes America is back". Trump repeatedly warned Thursday the US military would be ready if Kim reacted "foolishly" and the region returned to heightened tensions.

"We know that the best way to prevent war is to be fully prepared for war and hopefully we never have to use all of this lovely new powerful new equipment", Trump said.

Before leaving for the address, Trump said on Twitter said he looks "forward to being with some of the greatest people on earth!"

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Trump ran his 2016 presidential campaign on the slogan "Make America Great Again" and in his remarks, suggested that he believed that his campaign slogan was being achieved, citing a "great reawakening of American spirit and American might". Trump spoke to the Coast Guard Academy's graduating cadets the week before.

An United States Naval Academy graduate celebrates with his diploma as US President Donald Trump shakes hands during a ceremony in Annapolis, Maryland on May 25, 2018.

"We are going to be stronger than ever before", he said. "We are not going to apologize for America, we are going to stand up for America". "And if a fight must come there is no other alternative: Victory, winning, handsome words, but that's what it's all about".

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He said the Navy fleet will soon increase to 355 "beautiful ships", and that Congress also has approved the largest military pay raise in a decade.

He also stressed his commitment to veterans.

The President was warmly received at the Academy, where graduates and their families gathered at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. Trump pulled the US out of that summit a day earlier, citing belligerent rhetoric by Kim Jong Un.

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