'Weird, odd, a dumpster fire': Trump's North Korea summit coin ridiculed

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In a gesture demonstrating its denuclearisation commitment, the North is moving to dismantle its only known nuclear test facility in Punggye-ri this week with dozens of journalists from South Korea, China, Russia, Britain and the United States witnessing the event. -North Korea summit is supposed to take place, President Donald Trump will meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Tuesday as USA officials try to figure out whether Pyongyang is serious about negotiating a deal on denuclearization. Or, if fake news is a bit of a distortion, then misleading news. Denuclearization programs are measured in months, not days, and for North Korea, which has already demonstrated thermonuclear capability, it would likely take years to dismantle and verify that it had abandoned its atomic efforts, should it agree to do so. When asked if Trump could still walk away from the summit scheduled for June 12 in Singapore, he replied: "Well there's no question". North Korean hackers are believed to be behind or have played a part in major debilitating cyberattacks including the WannaCry ransomware, which infected hundreds of thousands of computers in 2017, as well as the hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014.

If the talks between Trump and Kim go badly, the possibility certainly remains that the regime would respond to protect itself in other ways.

Still more hard to imagine is the sight of North Koreans guiding all these nosey people to where they're fabricating highly enriched uranium for still more warheads, including possibly the one they exploded in September. It was the discovery that the North Koreans had a highly enriched uranium program that led to the breakdown of the Geneva framework in 2002, including the expulsion of inspectors sent out by the International Atomic Energy Agency to make sure they did not start up the reactor at Yongbyon.

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The relaxation of sanctions would nearly certainly be part of any deal to persuade North Korea to abandon its nuclear arsenal. Trump's current homeland security adviser, John Bolton, helped to scuttle it in 2002 as undersecretary of State for President George W. Bush. "Kim Jong Un has not offered to give up his nuclear weapons". "It's not actually an operation by the South Koreans, just an email pretending to come from them".

Nor is the coming show at Punggye-ri the only example of misleading news. What about the release of those three US citizens, all Korean-Americans, who had been imprisoned on the vaguest of charges, two of them arrested at the Pyongyang airport as they were about to leave after brief stints at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology?

As a result of last month's Panmunjom meeting between Moon and Kim, the two Koreas "provided a deadline for the signing of the peace treaty by this year, so Moon would also discuss that with Trump", O, the author of a book "The Collapse of North Korea: Challenges, Planning, and Geopolitics of Unification", tells VOA.

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YJ Fischer served at the State Department from 2012-2016. How dare the Americans say such nasty things?

Kim evidently thinks he can manipulate his summit with Trump by threatening not to hold it if the Americans displease him.

"I think the best role for the United States would be some kind of multilateral initiative that could bring US commercial expertise to the table together with other countries that are willing to invest and contribute to developing energy infrastructure in North Korea", she said.

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