"Whitney" Trailer Premieres Ahead Of Its Cannes Film Festival Debut

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"Her voice, I was totally knocked out", says music industry magnate Clive Davis, who aided Houston's meteoric rise to stardom. Since then, several filmmakers have been clamoring to tell the story of her life, but only one film has been officially authorized by Houston's family.

A new documentary about the life of Whitney Houston alleges that the singer was sexually abused as a child by her cousin the soul musician Dee Dee Warwick. Whitney also explores Houston's complicated relationship with her mother and highly publicized yoyo romance with Bobby Brown. An interviewee speaking off camera in the teaser can be heard saying "Robyn was [Houston's] safety net" and "Bobby was jealous".

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"He wanted to be on the stage". Crawford, on the other hand, declined to be interviewed for the film.

Directed by Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland), Whitney is produced by Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn, and Lisa Erspamer, and executive produced by Nicole David, Pat Houston, Will Clarke, Andy Mayson, Mike Runagall, Zanne Devine, Rosanne Korenberg and Joe Patrick. Through interviews with those who knew her best, intimate topics like "Do you think she understood herself?" and "You must have known about the drug use", are broached.

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The film also aims to answer why Houston's family did not step in before she accidentally drowned in February 2012.

"When I was first approached about it, my immediate response was that I'm not really interested in Whitney Houston". In the trailer, a clip of Houston making a snide remark about Paula Abdul singing off-key captures a casual harshness familiar to all. You can check it out the Miramax and Roadside Attractions in theaters (in North America) starting July 6.

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