Why Ryan Reynolds is the ideal man to play Deadpool

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Deadpool 2 is in theaters everywhere Friday. We also wrangled some sit-down time with the Merc with a Mouth himself, Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds and friends hit the "dead" carpet for the premiere of "Deadpool 2". He goes around the place in Professor X's wheelchair ("This smells like Patrick Stewart!") and even uses Cerebro.

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"I read the Deadpool comics and, sure enough, I really connected to the world, and I felt like he occupied a space in the comic book world that no other character could or would, at least that I'd heard of at the time". Brolin is great as Cable, Domino is a welcome addition and Ryan Reynolds, as you'd expect, proves once again why he's born to play this role. There are your straight up physical comedy gags, your slapstick gags, your "referencing pop culture" gags, and your breaking the 4th wall gags. Not all of the jokes land due to the sheer quantity of them, but for the most part it'll have you cracking up much like the first one did (unless you didn't find the first one amusing in which case, you nearly definitely won't find this one funny).

The highlight of Deadpool 2 is a terrific set piece when, after Deadpool assembles his own "X-Force", the team parachutes in to rescue Russell from a high-security transfer truck that Cable has in his sights. We know you can't help it, but just don't. But it also wasn't a secret that these movies didn't do well, and that his characters weren't given justice. We wouldn't believe it if we didn't believe him and it works. From X-Men Origins: Wolverine to the leaked test footage and now to the sequel to the original Deadpool, he's made it clear he is dedicated to the character.

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Karan Soni (as Dopinder): "Oh, you're living the dream, DP". There's a lot of faces both new and old on show, but the spotlight remains pretty firmly on Reynolds which really drives his character development. But at the end of the day it's got to be an engrossing story and that's the thing that we were most focused on from the get-go. What I would like less of is TJ Miller, so I'm deducting points for him being in this movie (I will always deduct points for TJ Miller castings).

The pop icon recently recorded the original tune Ashes for the new movie, and even formed an unlikely duo with Reynolds' anti-hero alter ego for the amusing music video, which was shot by the film's director, David Leitch, at Las Vegas' The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, where Celine stages her concert residency. The action sequences here are inventive, visceral and high-octane.

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