Woman slams into back of truck on Bangerter Highway

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According to the police, the female driver has suffered a a minor injury of broken ankle but auto has undergone heavy damage.

It didn't appear that brakes were applied before the accident, and witnesses didn't see the auto slow before it crashed into the back of a Unified Fire Authority mechanic truck at 60 miles per hour in the town of South Jordan outside of Salt Lake City, reported the local Gephardt Daily. As for the fire truck and its driver, not much damage was encountered. The roads were wet in a light rain.

The Palo Alto, Calif. -based company insists that the Autopilot is not a fully autonomous mode, and drivers should keep their hands on the wheel and the eyes on the road at all times.

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Several witnesses said they didn't see the driver hit the brakes before the collision.

News of the crash came as a top Tesla official who had been the main technical contact with US safety investigators left the company to join rival Waymo. On Wednesday, the National Transportation Safety Board would investigate a Tesla accident in Florida, however, two teenagers killed in that accident and some injured.

Waymo, Google's self-driving vehicle spinoff, confirmed that Matthew Schwall had joined the company.

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At Tesla, Matthew Schwall was responsible for the performance and safety of the vehicles already in the field to strategically guide engineering changes where he reported to the CTO and serve as Tesla's primary technical contact with safety regulatory agencies such as NHTSA. The spokesman from NTSB Keith Holloway has said that it is still uncertain if they would be involving with the crash.

There was no immediate comment from Tesla about Schwall. The investigators are looking into the autopilot driving system of Tesla, Model XSUV which rammed on a highway and the driver lost his life on the spot.

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