Xiaomi's smart home products now work with the Google Assistant

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The product that the customers are looking forward to are the smartphones from Xiaomi. It's also invested in over 90 Internet of Things companies in an effort to build up a massive ecosystem of devices that can connect and talk to each other.

Xiaomi has been working on smart home products for some time now, but the company announced that it will be adding Assistant support soon. For its initial rollout of Google Assistant integration, Xiaomi is adding support for its Bedside lamp, Smart bulb, and Smart plug, which will all be coming to the United States "shortly".

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These smart home products will be available in the USA shortly, starting with Mi Bedside Lamp in May.

Turn any product into a smart device with Mi Smart Plug. It's a promised 16 million color customizations and, consequently, can be configured for various surroundings, moods, or consumer preferences.

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Obviously, the Mi LED Smart Bulb is a better option if you want to turn an existing lighting fixture smart rather than buy an entirely new one, like the Bedside Lamp.

Actions on Google will also be able to tap into Android's new App Actions, so you can ask Assistant to do something directly inside a specific app. Account linking with Google is also coming, so is support for digital content subscriptions so you can enjoy your paid content inside Assistant or on your speakers/TVs/displays.

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The Mi Bedside Lamp might look like it but it isn't an ordinary table lamp. With Google Assistant, you can simply turn off the light without getting out of your bed and can also control brightness and color temperature with voice commands. It has a touch-sensitive panel on top and can be set through the Mi Home app and controlled via voice. There's now no pricing, but seeing as Xiaomi typically prices its products in the affordable range, we'd bet it'l do the same here.