Yes, HTC is working on a 'blockchain phone'

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While the Taiwanese company has consolidated much of its mobile offerings in recent years, it announced today at the Consensus 2018 blockchain conference in NY that its upcoming Exodus handset is embracing everyone's favorite tech buzzword.

Well, the phone's hardware is optimized to support decentralized apps (dApps), and there's a built in "universal wallet" to support storing your cryptocurrencies. HTC has roped in the creator of its virtual reality headset Vive, Phil Chen, to lead all its initiatives related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Either way, add HTC to the list of companies interested in finding profit from the subject with it's new Exodus, ostensibly a decentralized, blockchain and buzzword-packed marketing experience that may also be a phone.

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We're expecting a more conventional flagship phone launch from HTC in the next few weeks, but in the meantime it has announced a blockchain-based handset called Exodus. Moreover, it is expected that HTC will accept cryptocurrency as a way of payment for its new phone. It's also decentralized, meaning that it's accessible by anyone and not corruptible by hackers.

HTC isn't the first phone-maker to announce a dedicated blockchain device. HTC hasn't yet disclosed other key details such as commercial availability, price and specifications of the phone.

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While there are a number of potential uses for blockchain technology, HTC is sticking to the tried-and-true cryptocurrency application with Exodus.

HTC has rivals the race for the world's first Blockchain smartphone. The company is also said to be exploring the possibilities of launching its own cryptocurrency. In April, Sirin Labs said that Foxconn will make its Finney phone.

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All we know so far is that the phone will run Android, have a touchscreen and a single rear camera, and support a SIM and a microSD card. The phone features 128GB built-in storage and 6GB RAM.