YouTube will tell you when you're watching too much YouTube

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However, Google also announced its "Digital Wellbeing" initiative for Android P, as a part of which it also announced a feature called "take a break" for YouTube.

Google is trying to make sure that more users use its apps meaningfully at Google IO this week. The new YouTube's feature is already rolling out with a new YouTube app update.

Google had previously designed YouTube to be addictive, adding autoplay video, including a scrolling playlist of similar videos just so users would spend that extra minute on its video service. The reminder frequency can be set for every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 180 minutes. Once you've reached the limit you set, you'll see a pop-up suggesting you take a break. However, the time can be adjusted as per convenience by the user.

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Google has added a feature to the Android app which lets you tell the app to notify you if you're on there for too much.

Another useful new feature is the so-called "scheduled digest". Once you set proper timing of reminder, you would receive a notification and the video which you are watching will be paused at that very moment. Chief among them will be the reminder that it's time to stop watching videos on YouTube. If users chose to try out this feature, they can continue to watch movies, but will get reminders to take some time off. Consumers are free to ignore this reminder and keep watching. Notably, the setting is optional and changed off by default.

Like we already said, this feature is now only rolling out to Android users, but it should be rolled out for iOS users soon.

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This "take a break" feature does exactly what it sounds like.

There are also two more attributes in the YouTube notifications menu.

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